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Where Should You Do a Live Sale on Facebook?

So you know that live sales are important.

And you have some ideas on how to move past your fear of doing live sales.

But the question remains: How do you actually do live sales?

And one aspect of that question can be answered by discussing where to do live sales.

You may be surprised to hear us advise you not to run your live sales in your VIP group.

Now, if you’ve followed our posts you may remember that we’ve emphasized how your VIP Facebook group is vital to your business.

It is true that your VIP group is your core group of customers and prospects – people who are interested in your business. But your VIP group is also private, which means if you run your live sales in the group it won’t have as much potential to reach new people.

Instead, we advise doing your live sales generally on your public business page, so that it is accessible to everyone. Then, once your live video is going, you’ll want to share it to your VIP group so that your VIP members have a better chance at seeing it.

This also allows VIP members to share the video, which they would not be able to do if they video was hosted in your private VIP group.

Running your live video from your public business page sets your sale up for the most viewership, and this sets your sale up for the most success and return on your time.

Stay tuned to the upcoming posts to learn some more tips on how to do your live sales!

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Sam Pelton