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What’s Your Next Step TODAY for Your Business?

It’s great (and necessary) to have over-arching goals if you want your business to succeed.

And it’s totally fine to aim high and even shoot for something that might seem unrealistic to you at this time.

However, having big, over-arching, seemingly impossible-to-reach goals alone isn’t going to tell you what to do today.

The big goal is the endgame, but you need the baby steps to reach that endgame.

Maybe your ultimate goal is to pay off the $150,000 balance remaining on your home, for example. But you’re currently only making $50 per month with your business.

You can’t just say, “Tomorrow I’m going to start making $1,000 per day.”

Instead, your goal might be broken down into, “This month I’m going to make $100.”

This $100 goal for the month could further be broken down into, “This week I’m going to make $25.”

So then that $25 goal can then be broken down into, “Today, I’m going to do ____ to help reach that $25 goal.” You will need to fill in the blank with the step or steps that need to be taken today, but here are some examples:

  • Customer follow-ups
  • Training
  • Recruitment messages
  • Live videos
  • Facebook posts in your group
  • Parties (in-home, online, or at some other venue like a nursing home or workplace)

See how breaking your big goal down into manageable steps makes everything seem a lot more doable? It also gives you some action items so you have direction on what to do for the day, and the week, and the month, rather than floundering around trying to do everything (and ultimately accomplishing not much of anything in the process).

So what is your goal for this month for your business? How can you break it down for this week? And in light of all that, what do you need to do today to hit that goal?

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Sam Pelton

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