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You’re Trying to Do Too Many Things (and It’s Hurting Your Business)

We live in a busy society and our lives are very hectic!

There’s always something going on – Some kind of activity or event or project. We pack our schedules full and go from one thing to the next.

While the value of this type of lifestyle in your personal life can be debated, when it comes to your business, trying to do too much is hurting you.

We might like to think that we’re good multi-taskers, but the reality is if we spread ourselves too thin, we end up doing nothing very well for our business. Like butter scraped over too much bread, as one saying goes.

If you have a business, your attention is constantly being pulled in different directions – hundreds if not thousands of things are grappling for your attention and focus all at once. Strategies and customers and sales and expenses and figures.

It’s your job to narrow down what you need to focus on right now to help you meet your goals. What is the thing you want to accomplish today, this hour, this second? And then pursue that narrowed focus with everything you’ve got!

Maybe your focus is on having the best live sale as you possibly can.

Maybe your focus is on providing excellent customer service by spending some time following up with recent customers.

Or maybe your focus is on absorbing some high quality training to implement for your business’s improvement.

Whatever the case, figure out what your focus should be this very second. Pursue that – And don’t get distracted! Stop trying to do it all and you may be surprised to find that you actually get a lot more done.

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Sam Pelton