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Welcome to Bling Academy!

Welcome to Bling Academy!

Welcome to the new blog – Bling Academy The purpose of this blog is to provide articles, videos, tips, tricks, and guest posts to help equip you to grow and succeed with your Paparazzi Business. Please read a...

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My story My name is James Pelton, I’m an Entrepreneur and the CEO of Mobile Text Alerts. Above is a picture of my family. Myself, my wife Alyssa, my daughter Ella (age 6), my son Hayden (age 4), and my son Everett...

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What’s in Your Bling Bag?

In addition to always having business cards on hand, we would suggest also carrying around a “bling bag.” This is a bag of items you have on hand at all times so that if an opportunity arises, you can seize...

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