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Here’s 1 Easy Thing You Can Do to Add Professionalism to Your Business

As someone who’s running your own business, you’re probably aware that you want to be professional.

Coming across professionally can help you and others take your business more seriously, and can build trust with customers and potential customers.

One easy way you can add a bit of professionalism to your business is to create a business email address.

Many consultants simply use their personal email address for their business, but this can cause 2 issues:

  • Personal email addresses often contain numbers or wording that make them look unprofessional
  • Mixing your personal emails with your business emails can make it more difficult to maintain a balance between your work and personal life

It’s easy and free to create a new email address, and you can do it here.

What should I use for my email?

If you have a name for your business, you can use it in the email address (for example, However, if your business name is long (for example, something like “Bling and Swing Accessories and Jewelry”) you may not want to use it.

In the case that you don’t have a business name or that your business name is too long, you could simply use your personal name (for example, or

One piece of advice is to avoid using numbers (such as as numbers in an email address can look unprofessional. (If your business name is too long and your personal name is already taken as a username, perhaps consider changing your business name to something shorter and more succinct.)

Another important thing to remember is to make sure you’re following compliance rules for your business, as some businesses have restrictions for what you can include in your business email address.

And make sure that you like your choice of email address before you start using it, so that you don’t have to change it later on.

With all of that in mind, go ahead and create your new email address and take one more step into professionalism!

Sam Pelton

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