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Your VIP Facebook Group is the Key to Repeat Business

One of your main goals should be to grow your VIP Facebook group.

This is because your Facebook group is your key to getting repeat business.

One-time purchases are great, but if that customer never purchases again it’s not a whole lot of benefit in the long run.

Your best value comes from repeat customers, and your VIP group is one of the best ways to help with this.

Get People into Your VIP Group

Because your VIP group is a tool to help you get repeat business, you want to get as many of your customers and prospective customers into your VIP group as possible. Put links to your VIP group everywhere:

  • On your business cards
  • In your email signature
  • On your personal Facebook profile and public business page
  • In your Instagram profile
  • On LinkedIn

Ask everyone who purchases from you, or who expresses an interest in your business or your jewelry, to join your group.

The people in your VIP group will become your primary audience.

These are the ones who will be most likely to see what you post, to see when you go live. (And they obviously have at least some level of interest in your jewelry because they joined.)

Get Engagement in Your VIP Group

Getting people into the group is only half the battle.

Once they’re in, you’ll want to keep them engaged so that it will be more likely that Facebook will show your posts to them.

So post things that interest people – not just sales-y things but stories, quotes, games, giveaways, anything that gets people to like, comment, or share.

The more engagement your VIP group can get, the more sales you can make!

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Sam Pelton

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