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Running Consistent Live Sales

Live sales are the backbone of many multi-level marketing retailers’ success for companies such as Paparazzi (which sells jewelry) and LuLaRoe (which sells clothing).

For these kinds of products, it’s best for customers to see it live and in action!

Run live sales often

Live sales help create a community and connection with your customer base.

The general idea is to go live often enough to actually make money (these sales are going to be your primary money-makers), but not so often that your customers stop showing up.

We would recommend going live at least about 2-4 times per week and doing it on the same days/times each week. (It helps if your customers know they can count on you!)

This can help with customer loyalty as well as people can start to count on when you’ll be selling and can attend consistently.

You’ll want to plan ahead and decide how often to run your live sales, and then be as consistent as possible.

Make sure people show up to your live sales

Running live sales isn’t too helpful if no one is showing up!

The old adage “If you build it, they will come” is not true for live sales. Despite the quality of your product people won’t just automatically show up to purchase.

You’ll need to do whatever you can to make sure people are aware of your sales. This includes posting on social media, sending out emails, and sending out texts.

Although you should make Facebook posts and send out emails, in reality texting is the best way to let your customers know about your live sales. 

Email has a 24% open rate; Facebook’s changing algorithm puts it at about 15% for your posts showing up in people’s feeds.

Texting boasts a 97% open rate so it would definitely be the most effective way to get your info out.

Sam Pelton