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Who Can You Sell To? – Ways to Grow Your Customer Base

When you work as a direct sales retailer, it can be hard to find new customers.

You hate bugging your friends and family all the time, but you’re not always sure who else you can sell to.

How can you make connections? Who else would be interested in your jewelry?

You may be surprised at all the opportunities that are actually available to you.

Here are just a few examples of people you can try to connect with and grow your customer base:

  • Work/office – host a fun office party with games and snacks
  • Schools – set up a presentation in the teacher’s lounge
  • Nursing homes and retirement homes – work with an activities coordinator to set up event
  • Strangers – strike up conversations with strangers in lines, waiting rooms, elevators, etc.
  • Friends of friends – ask your friends and family if there’s anyone they know who might be interested
  • Providers – check if there’s any interest your dentist’s office, doctor’s office, chiropractor’s office, hair salon, etc.
  • Online – we’ll talk more about this in the next section

Grow your customer base online

There is so much potential online. Your potential audience is almost unlimited!

Unfortunately it can be difficult to tap into this potential and attract new people to your business page.

One way to do this is by hosting regular and entertaining live sales.

If your live Facebook sales have a lot of value in them that can help increase the chances that people will share them and draw more people in. (By “value” I mean your live sales contain content that keep people interested and coming back.)

If you’re wanting to grow your customer base, you’ll want to consider putting a lot of energy and thought into how you can make your online live sales as valuable as possible.

Often this might mean making them entertaining.

Some examples include:

  • Can you play fun games that people enjoy?
  • Are you good at monologuing or “ranting” about topics people find interesting or funny?
  • Can you inject humor into your presentation?
  • Do you have any interesting or funny stories you can tell?

When trying to improve your live sales, don’t be afraid to let go and just be yourself. (But don’t try too hard to be something you’re not, or it won’t come off as genuine!)

With all of this in mind, get out there and start gaining new customers! 🙂

Sam Pelton

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