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How to Be as Effective as Possible with Facebook

We’ve dogged on Facebook quite a bit and mentioned how it’s not something you should rely on too much.

Now, this obviously doesn’t mean you should abandon Facebook. It is a vital and valuable tool for businesses, especially businesses like yours that rely on social media sales.

So in addition to what we’ve mentioned about utilizing other tools to help boost your Facebook presence, here are some other tips on how to maximize your Facebook reach.

1. Avoid Posting Non-Facebook Links

Whenever possible, try to avoid posts that include links taking people away from Facebook.

The Facebook algorithm has tended to penalize these types of posts (although the same isn’t true about posts with links that take people to other Facebook content).

One way to “get around” this limitation is that if you’re wanting to post a link outside of Facebook (such as to your consultant site), you can say something like “Check out the link below” and put the link in the comments.

2. Keep Engagement Up in Your Facebook Group

If you want more people to see your posts, you’ve got to keep your group members engaged and interacting.

Facebook will not likely show people your posts if those people are not interacting with the group.

The more interaction you have, the more it will tell the Facebook algorithm that people are interested in the group, so people will be more likely to see posts.

So be sure to do what you can to keep engagement up! Post jokes, quizzes, funny/emotional stories, questions, games, even political comments – Anything that gets people to respond.

If you notice particular people haven’t been active, you can even tag them (for example, “@Rachel, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this?”).

You want to particularly get people engaged within the first 24 hours that they join your group. So as soon as they join, tag them and ask them an easy question to encourage them to interact (for example, “Welcome to the group, @Ashley! What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?”).

And with all of this, BE GENUINE! Genuinely care about people, be interested in their thoughts and feelings, and strive to give them a fun and valuable experience.

3. Get Likes, Comments, and Shares

This goes along with the previous point, but is especially important for particular posts that you want people to see.

Facebook won’t be likely to show a particular post to people if the post isn’t getting much interaction – likes (and other reactions), comments, and shares.

That’s another reason why you want to post things that encourage people to interact, particularly when doing your live sales.

In your live videos, you can ask questions, run contests, or offer incentives for people to respond to help garner more interactions.

Here are some examples of things you can say during your video to encourage likes, comments, and shares:

  • As soon as viewers get on the video, you will see their name come up on your screen, so you can say something like, “Hi, Victoria! Thanks for joining! Please like this video if you can, and let me know if you have any questions!”
  • At least once but preferably several times during your video, you could say, “Comment hashtag-live if you’re watching this live with me tonight, or comment hashtag-replay if you’re catching the replay!”
  • If you’re willing to run some sort of drawing, you could say, “If you share this video you’ll be entered into a drawing for some free items!”

4. Respond to All Comments

Anytime someone does comment on any of your Facebook posts, make sure you respond!

This helps encourage more activity on your posts and in your groups.

And when possible, try to respond with questions to help keep the conversation going. The more back-and-forth you can get, the better!

Hopefully these tips are helpful for getting the best use out of Facebook for your jewelry business!

Which one of these tips can you try implementing today?

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Sam Pelton