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Carolyn’s Story: How Paparazzi Helped Me Move from Depression to Confidence

I want to first say I love being in this Paparazzi family!!

I lost my daughter Cassie (age 8) forever 18 years ago, and was so so lost, depressed, closed off and so angry!! Lost most of my friends. I was in a very abusive relationship also at this time. I just wasn’t strong enough to leave (yet). I finally did a few years later. I was blessed more than ever when I met my now husband of almost 5 years.   

I was on Facebook and saw my sponsor going live and I watched several times before ever commenting on anything, I started buying a piece here and there. My husband watched with me a few times.

After several months I decided to join Paparazzi. I was beyond excited but super scared. It was slow at the beginning, sometimes doubting my decision. I told myself that I wasn’t going to give up. I have bipolar with depression and bad anxiety so sometimes life gets the best of me (bad days). My husband supports my decision 100% and is part of this journey. With that being said this first year with Paparazzi has been such a blessing and an amazing journey and I have just started!

The confidence I have gained has been unbelievable. I have made many friends, friendships that will last a lifetime- A team that is always there for you, ladies that are just rockstars!

The main thing I believe is to never give up and always believe in yourself! I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband that is always on my side. I have my own business and I am so happy, and the best is yet to come. I have so many goals I have set for my future! (I would love to have YOU on my team!)

Most important, it is just amazing how beautiful I feel wearing this jewelry! I smile now! #ThankyouPaparazzi

James Pelton

As a self-taught entrepreneur, James founded Mobile Text Alerts in 2011 and has doubled its annual reoccurring revenue every year. Mobile Text Alerts provides text alert systems for thousands of direct sales businesses. With a thorough knowledge of what it takes for businesses to grow, James is eager to help jewelry consultants take their business to the next level.
While he is not running his businesses, James is an active Bible teacher, husband, and father of 3 children. He and his wife Alyssa live in Lincoln, NE.

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