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Be Grateful For How Far You Have Come

For those of you who know me, have watched any of my lives, or have taken my training course, I am obsessed with goals.

Zig Ziglar, a very successful Entrepreneur said once “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

If you have no goals, you won’t do much of anything. You will randomly run around, and not make any progress in any particular direction.

But with this very goal-centric attitude, we have to be careful.

What happens when you don’t hit your goals?

What happens if you are aiming at selling 20 pieces of jewelry today, and you sell 18?

What happens if you are trying to recruit 4 consultants this month, and you recruit 2?

If you are too goal-focused, then you will be disappointed, discouraged, and maybe a little depressed.

That feeling is a little good. It is good to be a little discouraged when you don’t hit your goals, because this keeps you stretching yourself and pushing forward.

If you shrug your shoulders when you don’t hit goals, then the goals aren’t really having their desired affect.

They aren’t pushing you, they aren’t motivating you to hustle above and beyond what you normally could or would.

But you don’t want to get too discouraged when you don’t hit your goals.

If a year ago, you were selling two pieces of jewelry per day, and now you are selling eighteen pieces of jewelry per day, you should not get overly discouraged that you didn’t hit your goal.

Eighteen pieces of jewelry is incredible, and the you of a year ago would be thrilled with that.

It is important to recognize these successes and be grateful for the progress that you have made, and not only be discouraged that you didn’t have the success you wanted.

It is a constant balance between pushing forward, and also looking back to celebrate successes.

Exercise for today

If you are more of a “goal-oriented” person, that is a good thing. But today, take some time to look backwards at how far you have come. Be grateful, and celebrate.

James Pelton

As a self-taught entrepreneur, James founded Mobile Text Alerts in 2011 and has doubled its annual reoccurring revenue every year. Mobile Text Alerts provides text alert systems for thousands of direct sales businesses. With a thorough knowledge of what it takes for businesses to grow, James is eager to help jewelry consultants take their business to the next level.
While he is not running his businesses, James is an active Bible teacher, husband, and father of 3 children. He and his wife Alyssa live in Lincoln, NE.

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