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How to Act in the Face of Fear (to Bring Success to Your Business)

If you’re like many people, there’s one major thing that may be holding you back from success in your business.


Many different kinds of fear shut us down from doing hard things that grow our business:

  • Fear of what people may think
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of what may happen in the future
  • Fear of having your livelihood in your own hands, rather than in an employer’s

These fears and others like them can stop your business in its tracks because they keep you from doing what is necessary for success.

So how do you overcome it?

Here are a few trips.

Quit trying to “not be afraid”

Don’t spend too much time trying to “stop being afraid.”

It is very difficult to simply stop being scared of something that terrifies you.

It is fine to acknowledge that something is difficult and scary sometimes. But don’t stop there.

Stop thinking and just do it

The best way to overcome your fear is to just do it, even though you’re afraid.

Stop overanalyzing and overthinking.

For example, if your fear is about doing a live video, there comes a time when you have to stop preparing and psyching yourself out. Just hit that “live” button and go for it!

Now, this doesn’t mean you should go out and do something irresponsible – If you’re only making $100 a month in your business and don’t have anything in savings, for instance, your concern over quitting your day job to pursue your business full time may be wise.

But fear should not be the factor that is holding you back from your business’s success.

When you just force yourself to do, in spite of fear, you’ll find that whatever it is you’re fearful of doing will get easier and easier. Before you know it, that thing may no longer scare you like it once did.

Don’t dwell too much on mistakes

We all make mistakes – Sometimes that’s the best way we learn and grow.

Going back to the example of being afraid to do live videos, many people are concerned about doing them because they’re afraid of slipping up or looking foolish in a live forum.

We’ll just get this out of the way: If you’re regularly doing live videos, you will almost certainly say or do something a bit embarrassing at some point. Just accept that and recognize that people aren’t going to hold it against you. In fact, you probably scrutinize yourself far more than any of your viewers ever will.

So is there anything you should be doing for your business but haven’t because of fear? What’s stopping you from doing that thing today (or even right now)?

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