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Why You Need to STOP Resenting Successful People

Some people seem to get all the success in life, and in their business.

It feels to you like everything goes well for them. They have everything they need or could want. Their business thrives. They seem to have all the customers and all the luck.

When you think about those kinds of people, what feelings come up inside of you?

If you have a mindset like many, you may feel jealous and resentful. You may think it’s not fair – “Why should they have all the success? I could be as successful as they are if it wasn’t for [fill in the blank].”

However, if you have a mindset of success, you will not feel resentful. You will instead have a sense of admiration of successful people – You will look up to them, figure out what you can learn from them, maybe even try to be friends with them.

An attitude of resentment and jealousy over others’ success will get you nowhere. It is much better to recognize that there is a reason for these people’s success. There is something they are doing right, and they may have many helpful approaches and ideas you could try to emulate and adopt for your own business.

Many people become successful by modeling after other successful people. There’s no need to “reinvent the wheel” – You don’t need to start all your business ideas from scratch, because there are successful people out there with a lot of wisdom you could glean from.

(Even if you are already successful yourself, there is always room to grow and learn from others.)

The great thing too is that many successful people would be more than willing to help those who are trying to make their way in their business.

So instead of resenting people who are successful, try reaching out to a few of them. See if they’re willing to give you some tips or pointers.

You never know; they may help put you on the path to success yourself, if you’re not already there.

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Sam Pelton