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3 Tips for Recognizing Opportunities for Success

Sometimes you can tell when talking to someone if they are going to be successful in their business or not.

If their conversations center largely around excuses or reasons why they won’t or can’t succeed, their business is likely not going to do well. They don’t have the mindset they need to push their business toward success.

Successful people don’t look at all the hurdles and obstacles. They look at the opportunities.

It’s easy to get bogged down thinking, “It would be nice to be successful, but [fill in the blank].”

But if you truly want to be successful, you won’t get caught up in this kind of thinking, because focusing on the obstacles won’t get you anywhere.

Here are some tips for how to recognize opportunities rather than focusing on obstacles.

1. Remove the “Yeah, but…” language from your thinking and conversations

Do you find yourself saying or thinking, “Yeah, but…”?

Forget about the “but” and remove it from your vocabulary in reference to your business’s success.

2. Transform your obstacles into opportunities

When an obstacle comes up, instead of getting frustrated at how it’s getting in the way of your success, turn it into an opportunity instead.

For example, if you do a live sale and no one shows up, instead of getting upset that you wasted time, use it as an opportunity for growth. Think about the reasons why no one showed up and what you could do to get a better turnout next time.

3. Focus your eyes on the prize

Sometimes it may be difficult to see any good in a situation, but keep your eyes on the goal of success and view each stumble as inching you closer and closer to that prize.

Get your focus off the frustrations of the here and now and look to the future!

What about you? Do you find yourself focusing too much on obstacles rather than opportunities? What untapped opportunities can you pursue for your business today?

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