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If Failure Was Impossible…

Do any of the following statements sound similar to something you might have heard (or said) throughout your life?

  • “I’m sorry, we can’t afford that.”
  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
  • “We can’t all be as lucky as your friends are.”

While some of these kinds of statements may be helpful in trying to instill the concept of wise spending, if we hear or say them often enough, we can sometimes develop the mindset that wealth is an extremely difficult (or impossible) thing to accumulate.

This is not necessarily the truth.

James Pelton, entrepreneur and founder of says, “If people are committed – they have their why, and they have direction – they generally get what they shoot for.”

Someone else once said, “The biggest problem is not aiming too high. Most people’s biggest problem is aiming too low and hitting it.”

So the first step is to believe it is possible. And then you have to set a goal and commit to it.

Think about it this way – If it was impossible for you to fail, what would you shoot for? If you truly process that question, what you may quickly find is that the main thing holding you back from your goals is fear of failure.

With all of this in mind, what is your “ideal income”? Remember not to aim too low when thinking about this! Depending on your purposes and goals, you main shoot for doubling, tripling, or even 10x-ing your current income.

This is not to encourage a mindset of greediness or discontent with your life, but simply to think about what is your why (your reason and motivation for your business, which we’ve discussed previously) and what is the specific income you will need in order to reach the goals for your why.

So figure out what specific income that would be for your situation, and then go for it!

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Sam Pelton