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Find Out Which “Why” Resonates with You

We’ve discussed several why‘s – several different motivating reasons for doing your own jewelry business.

These have included:

Now, you may be motivated by more than one of these, or by some other why that we haven’t discussed. Or your why may change in the course of events as you run your business.

But generally speaking, you’ll want to have one primary why, whatever that may be, at the forefront of your mind at all times.

Does the reality of needing to provide for your family drive you and sustain you in your business when things get hard?

Are you motivated by wanting more freedom over your choices so that you can set your own hours and policies?

Or maybe the thought of being able to get a business going to the point that you’re able to sit back and invest time in other things excites you to make sure you’re successful?

Perhaps there’s a particular cause you’re working to earn money toward that you’re really passionate about?

Whether it’s one of these reasons or something else, get a clear vision of your why in your head. Consider writing it down. Refer back to it at those times that you feel like quitting (which will happen).

If your why no longer motivates you, consider changing it. You want a why that really resonates with you; otherwise, once it stops being “fun” you won’t want to continue on.

So what is your why? Is it the same as when you first started? Does it need to change, or does it continue to provide motivation for your business?

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Sam Pelton