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Do You Want Your Business to Make an Impact?

Do you want your business to make a difference?

We’ve discussed how you need to have a powerful why (a powerful motivator) behind your business.

We’ve also brought up several common why‘s including:

But another motivator that can be powerful is the desire to make an impact.

You may have a heart for a particular cause, and you need money to make the impact you’d like to make for that cause.

For example, perhaps you’ve wanted to pursue an international adoption. You may have been dismayed to realize that international adoptions can be extremely expensive.

In this example, if you’re running your business with a goal of earning enough money to be able to afford an international adoption, this can be a powerful motivator to be successful in your business.

Even if you reach your goal (in this case, an international adoption), you can still pursue success in your business for the purpose of helping other people who may have the same goal in mind. This way, once you have successfully earned enough to pursue what you’d like to pursue, you could consider donating or helping others financially who want to accomplish the same thing.

This desire to make an impact can add an extra layer of meaning toward pursuing your business, particularly if you’ve already grown your business to a point at which you’re personally in a good place financially.

What about you? Is there a particular cause that drives you to run your business so you can make an impact? Or perhaps you relate more to providing for your family, having financial freedom, being your own boss, or freeing up your time.

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Sam Pelton