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When Time Is More Important than Money

The lasts few posts have been discussing the importance of knowing your why (the motivation behind your business) and different why‘s that may apply to you.

These have included the motivations of providing for your family, having “financial freedom,” and making enough money to have greater freedom over your decisions.

But once you’re in a really good place financially (usually after your income is in the six-figure range), you may find that time is actually more valuable to you than money.

You may start to realize that you can always make more money, but you can never generate more time.

Does that describe you? Are you less concerned about money and more concerned about utilizing your time?

If so, maybe “time freedom” is the why for your business – You may want to earn enough money to a point that allows you to step back and free up your time for other things that you want to do or accomplish.

Perhaps you want to have more time to be available to your church, family, or community.

Perhaps you want to have more time to develop certain skills or interests.

Perhaps you suffer from a physical ailment and want to have more time to focus on your health.

Whatever the case, you can consider whether “time freedom” is a powerful enough motivator for you. Is this something that will help you not give up when your business doesn’t seem quite as fun as you had anticipated?

(Does this why resonate with you? Or perhaps in whatever circumstance you’re currently in, you resonate more with providing for your family, having financial freedom, or being your own boss.)

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Sam Pelton

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