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So You’d Like to Be Your Own Boss

When thinking about a powerful motivator for having your own business, or your “why,” one common theme is the concept of “being your own boss.”

We could also refer to this as “decision freedom.”

Theoretically, every laborer in the entire workforce would love to have this type of freedom in their jobs.

Freedom to be flexible with what hours they work. Freedom to take a day off, or to take a vacation. Freedom to work from home.

Perhaps this concept of “decision freedom” appeals to you as a motivator behind why you’re running your business. You like the idea of being able to make those kinds of choices for yourself.

Of course, with this kind of freedom comes more responsibility – When you are your own boss, the success of your business depends on you. And, on the flip-side, the buck for problems and issues stops with you. You aren’t able to pass things on to the supervisor.

This may be a significant burden and stress at times, but if the benefits of being your own boss is a powerful enough motivator for you, you can try to keep that at the forefront of your mind when things get hard. (And if you’re truly trying to make your business a success, things will get hard in one way or another.)

So do you think “being your own boss” is a powerful enough “why” for you? We still have a couple other possible motivators to discuss in the upcoming weeks, but you can think about the ones we’ve discussed recently and see if any of them (or a combination of them) resonate with you:

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