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5 Ways You Can Try “Text Parties” to Grow Sales

Jewelry consultants like you have a lot of tools available in your sales toolbelt.

You’ve probably done at least one (or several) of the following types of sales:

  • Facebook Live sales
  • Album sales
  • Fairs and trade shows
  • Online parties
  • In-person parties or presentations

But did you know there’s another method of selling you can try that’s a bit more outside-the-box? Text parties!

With text parties, you can utilize the power of texting (everyone reads their texts, after all!) to showcase your inventory and make it a fun experience for your customers.

A text alert service allows you to have people register for your “party,” and then you’re able to schedule or drip out text messages over a series of several days. You can text out “party posts” including product info, video links, games, pictures of your inventory, giveaways, or anything else to engage your customers.

This allows you to market your jewelry, and the great thing is your customers are expecting the messages! There’s no “right” way to do this, but here are some ideas and options to help you get started:

  • Sound out daily texts showcasing a different type of inventory each day (for example – rings on Monday, necklaces on Tuesday, bracelets on Wednesday, etc.)
  • Have an introductory text letting people know that the more they respond to your texts throughout the week, the more entries they will receive in a free giveaway drawing
  • Space out the types of messages you send (for example – game on Monday, demonstration video on Tuesday, another game on Wednesday, inventory photos on Thursday, etc.)
  • Ask questions in your texts that encourage customers to respond
  • Make it FUN for your customers!

Ready to get started with text parties to help grow your sales? Sign up for a free text alert trial account at

Sam Pelton