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Why You Need to Be Texting Your Customers

We’ve discussed why you should stop relying solely on Facebook to get people to your live sales.

Now we’re going to zero in on a specific and simple tool you can use to help: texting.

Think about it.

How often do you check your texts? If you’re like most people, multiple times throughout the day (or even multiple times throughout each hour).

How many of your texts do you delete without reading? If you’re like most people, none.

Compare this to how likely you would be to catch a live video on Facebook at just the right time. The odds are slim.

However, if you received a text message 10 minutes before the live video with a link to the group/page where the live video is hosted, how likely would you be to view that video?

The odds increase significantly!

The vast majority of people read their texts diligently (by some reports up to 95% or 99%), and there is no doubt that texting is a highly effective way of communicating.

So the question is, how can you leverage texting for your business?

2 Problems

There are 2 problems that come up when considering using texting.

One: How do you get people’s phone numbers if you don’t already have them?

Two: How can you send out mass text messages?

To solve both of these issues, you will likely need to use a mass text messaging system such as ours at Mobile Text Alerts.

Unless you have a very small customer base, you just can’t feasibly handle mass texting your customers from your phone.

A text alert system will allow your customers to register for your texts by going to an online sign-up page or by texting in a particular word (for example, “Text BLING to xxxxx to sign up for my texts!”).

Then you will be able to log in to a site or mobile app and send out your texts quickly with the click of a button.

But I Can’t Afford It!

We definitely don’t recommend doing something that you can’t truly afford.

Consider, however, that even if texting helps get just a handful more people onto your live sales (therefore leading to more sales) it can easily pay for itself.

A Few Tips

Here are a few tips for how to get the best use out of texting:

  • To encourage subscriptions for people to receive your texts, offer incentives to get people to join (for example, an entry into a drawing)
  • Include a link for your group/page/video in your text so that people can easily click to view
  • If you go live more than once per week, consider only using texting for some of those lives so that customers don’t get burned out on receiving too many texts (generally, I would recommend not sending more than 1 text per week)

So, you ready to give it a try? Sign up for a free trial today!

Sam Pelton