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Why You Need to Stop Relying on Facebook

You probably realize the importance of live Facebook sales for your jewelry business.

But you may run into this common problem: You go live and only a few people show up (or none at all).

What gives?

One of the causes of a lack of turnout to your live sales could likely be attributed to poor reach.

The average reach rate for a business post on Facebook may be around 6%.

This means that even if you have a Facebook group of 1,000 people, when you do a live video in that group, only 60 people would even see it (not including people who may see it through shares or through your public Facebook page). Out of those 60, probably only 5% would actually watch the video. In this example, then, that leaves only 3 people viewing your live sale.

Simply growing your Facebook group won’t help too much with this – even if you got 500 more people in your group, that would still end up being maybe 4-5 people total watching your videos.

The point is that you need a better way to get people to your live sales rather than relying solely on Facebook.

There are at least 3 additional tools you can use to help:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Email
  • Text messages

These are simple tools at your disposal that can significantly increase the chances of getting more people at your live sales – and thus, getting more sales.

We’ll discuss each of these in more detail in future posts, but here are a few simple tips for each one.

Facebook Messenger

Most if not all of your customers are on Facebook (and they need to be on Facebook in order to view your video).

Send out Messenger reminders to your top customers to remind them when you go live, including a link to the group/page where your video will be hosted.

You can use Messenger’s “forward” feature to help with this – Once you send the message to 1 person, you can press and hold your finger on the bubble of the message you sent and select the “forward” option. This will let you send the same message to multiple people quickly and easily.


This is one of the less effective methods, but it doesn’t hurt to send email reminders about your live sales to your customers as well.

Email is less intrusive that Messenger or texting, so you don’t have to be as concerned with bugging people too much.

Text Messages

Text messages are highly effective (even more than Messenger) because pretty much everyone reads all of their texts!

Text reminders will be the most likely to be seen by your customers.

Now, it may get tedious to send out individual texts (you certainly don’t want to do a group message), and you may be hesitant to have customers knowing your personal phone number.

So you may consider using a text alert services such as ours at, which will allow you to send out mass text reminders quickly and easily.

So how are your live sales going? Our challenge would be to take one of these methods and get started with using it for reminders this week. Then see how it helps your live sale viewership!

Sam Pelton


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