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Find Your Own Groove for Your Live Sale Format

Find Your Own Groove for Your Live Sale Format

We’ve discussed some tips on how to conduct your live Facebook sales, but what should the layout and format of your live sale be?

What does a live sale look like?

Really, there’s no set rule for how a live sale should go.

Often people will incorporate some kind of game into their live sale presentation – Some options for that format might be:

  • A game, then an inventory presentation, then another game
  • Incorporating an inventory presentation through a game
  • An inventory presentation first, then a game

But you should find your own groove and do whatever works for you and your audience!

You can experiment around and find what your audience responds to and what fits your personality and preferences.

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Watch other consultants to get ideas
    • If you feel like you’re copying them too much, you can send over a message to ask their permission to use their ideas
  • Do “game show style” games or trivia
  • Make it your own – Ask, “What will make my live sales different from other consultants’?”
  • Think about what kinds of activities you would enjoy doing if you were throwing a party with your friends
  • When going through your inventory, don’t just blandly state what the items are but show your enthusiasm about the products
  • Have an idea ahead of time about what your plan will be – If you have too much “down time” in your live videos trying to decide what to do you may lose viewers
  • Go as long as you’d like (generally the longer, the better)
    • Use the time to go through your entire available inventory, and then possibly go through it again

Hopefully these tips help give you a starting point for doing or improving your live sales! Now you just have to get out there and do. 🙂

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Sam Pelton