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5 More Tips on How to Conduct Your Live Facebook Sales

We’ve already discussed 5 tips on how to conduct your live Facebook sales.

Here are some more tips to help you have the most successful live sales!

6. Don’t get flustered

When it comes to live videos, it’s important to be able to go with the flow.

Due to the nature of live videos, they do not always go perfectly.

You can experience unexpected technical difficulties, or get tongue-tied, or your kids may run in and start fighting.

That’s okay – Just go with it. Be willing to laugh at yourself. People can relate to these imperfections.

7. Ask people to like and comment

You want to get as many comments and interactions in your video as you can.

One way to get some easy interaction is to tell people, “Please like this video and comment #live if you’re watching this live, or comment #replay if you’re watching the replay.”

You can mention these instructions a few different times during your video.

8. Ask people to share the video

People sharing your video is a great way to get exposure to new potential customers.

Now sometimes people will share just if you ask, but more often than not you may need to provide some kind of incentive.

You could say something like, “Anyone who shares this video will get entered into a drawing for a free bracelet” and then do a drawing once every week or every few weeks for all the people who shared your live videos.

9. Try to get the audience involved

Engage and interact with the people on your video. When you see their comments come in, respond to them verbally.

If there haven’t been a lot of comments or interaction for a while, you could ask some small talk questions such as, “We’re thinking of going on vacation next week – Any recommendations on where to go?”

10. Invite people to your VIP group

During your video, mention your VIP group – explain the benefits and invite people to join.

After your video, follow up with people who joined your video and ask them to join your VIP group. You can tell them, “Thanks for checking out my live! Can I get you to join my VIP group?”

Hopefully these tips help you get the most out of your live Facebook sales! For your next live sale, try to pick 1-2 of these tips to focus on, and start improving your live videos.

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Sam Pelton