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This 1 Thing Is All You Need for Live Sales (and You Already Have It!)

You may believe that in order to run a professional live sale on Facebook, you need to have some fancy equipment and/or be really tech-savvy.

If that’s something that has crossed your mind before, here’s some encouragement for you: it’s not true.

In fact, the only piece of equipment you need in order to do a live sale is something you most likely already have – a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera.

That’s it! Really.

You can just prop up your phone against something (could be anything: a cup, a piece of furniture, a wall) and make sure that you and your inventory are in good view of the camera.

Now, once you get your business going and growing, it may make sense to invest in some more equipment. Here are some items you can consider adding:

  • A tripod – this enables you to not have to prop up your phone, which can make the process a little easier for you
  • A microphone – this can help your lives have better sound, which can make a better experience for your audience
  • Lighting products – these can brighten up your video, which can make it more attractive, particularly if you go live in a dark area or at night

All of these items can be fairly inexpensive – they won’t break your bank. But even so, they are not necessary, especially when first starting out.

If you have a smartphone (or a tablet or computer), you have all you need. So don’t let a concern about a lack of professional equipment hold you back.

Go ahead and run your live sale today!

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Sam Pelton