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2 Simple Ways to Sell on Facebook

We’ve discussed about the benefits of selling online.

Now we’re going to turn to the how – How do you sell online through Facebook?

2 ways you can sell through Facebook are album sales and live sales.

What Are Album Sales?

Album sales involve posting photos of your inventory on your Facebook business page or VIP group.

Your customers and potential customers can then go through and comment on the items they would like to claim.

Simply post the photos and let people know to comment something like “claim” on the items they would like. Then send them an invoice using a site like or and give them a deadline (perhaps 48 hours) to pay. Once they pay, ship out the items they ordered.

What Are Live Sales?

Live sales involve you doing a live video where you showcase your inventory in real time and people comment on what they would like to claim.

You hit the “live” button on your phone, tablet, or computer and go through the inventory you have on hand to see what people might be interested in.

Optionally, you may also keep things entertaining by doing some games, giveaways, or other activities to hold people’s interest.

Pros and Cons

  • In terms of ease and convenience, album sales win out.
    • Album sales don’t require a specific time commitment on your end, or your customers’ end. You can just upload your photos on your own time.
    • Live sales require you to use up a chunk of your time hosting a live video, and many people are intimidated by the thought of going live.
  • In terms of personableness and effectiveness, live sales are the way to go.
    • Album sales are not very personable and may not yield a lot of sales.
    • With live sales, people are seeing you personally and are interacting with you in real time.
    • You’ll probably find that live end up seeing a lot better return.


Generally speaking, live sales will probably see better results than album sales. However, it doesn’t hurt to do both!

We would recommend that everyone focus primarily on live sales, however. Even if the thought terrifies you, you will likely find that once you start doing it, it becomes easier.

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Sam Pelton