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This is One Easy Way You Can Help Maximize Online Sales

As a consultant, you have an online tool readily available to you: your online consultant site.

This is basically a clone of the main site, but it is specific to you and any sales or recruits that go through your site are credited to you.

With this in mind, you want to direct as many people to your site as you can.

Having this kind of eCommerce site is a huge benefit that would typically cost a large amount of money to set up. So you want to make sure you take full advantage of it!

Put your link to your site everywhere that compliance allows.

Put it on your VIP group description.

Put it on your business cards.

Put it in your email signature.

Put it in directories, fliers, or any other marketing materials you use or make.

(But remember to make sure that you keep in line with compliance with all of this.)

Although you can’t customize your consultant site too much, you can make minor adjustments – mention your story, your “why” for selling your jewelry. Why did you get into the business and why do you stay in it?

(In your description, you can also put a link to your VIP group at the bottom to help funnel people in if they came from someplace else.)

So if you’re not already, think about what you can be doing to direct people to your consultant site. Where can you display the link? Can you think of some posts you could do in your VIP group that might direct people to your link? Are you posting the link to your consultant site when you do online parties?

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Sam Pelton

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