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3 Simple Ways to Sell to Your Online Audience

We’ve discussed the importance of growing your online group to help you get repeat business.

But just growing your group and keeping people engaged won’t automatically get you sales and revenue.

You need to actually sell to your online audience. But how?

Here are a few ways you can do it. (We’ll go over each individually in upcoming posts, and have discussed them in the past, but for this post we’ll just do a quick overview of each.)

1. Your consultant site

You have a consultant site that can be a great resource. Don’t forget to take advantage of this!

Share the link for your site and encourage people to purchase online.

This is probably the least effective method of selling online, but it is the least work for you.

2. Album sales

An album sale involves posting pictures into an album on Facebook (or other social media) of what’s in your inventory and allowing people to comment on the items they would like.

This method is probably more effective than simply sharing your consultant site link, but is still not as effective as the third option…

3. Live sales

A live sale is when you do a live video (usually via Facebook) and show your inventory. Similar to album sales, people can comment on the video to claim the items they’d like to purchase from you.

Live sales take more work (and more courage!) on your part than album sales methods, but are probably one of the most effective ways for you to sell online right now.

Some other methods we’ll briefly mention would be online parties, incentives (such as giveaways, etc.) that encourage ordering, multi-vendor events – if you’re running out of ideas, be creative! There’s not necessarily a “right” way to sell online.

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Sam Pelton