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4 Effective Ways to Engage Your Facebook VIP Group

We recently discussed some ways to get engagement in your VIP group on Facebook, which can help with the Facebook algorithm so that people are more likely to see your posts.

Here are some more ways you can get some good engagement in your VIP group!

“Results” Posts

“Results” posts are posts that showcase your customers after they have purchased your product. So this will typically feature your customers wearing your jewelry.

Encourage people after they purchase from you to post photos of themselves wearing what they bought.

You could perhaps incentivize them to post these photos by entering them into some kind of drawing or giveaway.

Story Posts

People love stories!

Funny stories, relatable stories, interesting stories – anything to get people’s attention.

For example, you could talk about something amusing your kid did (“Stevie did the funniest thing yesterday…”), or a unique experience you had while running errands (“Today when I was at Aldi you’ll never guess what happened…”).

People relate to stories, and stories help them get to know you as a person.


People also enjoy visuals – photos and graphics – and visual posts tend to do better in the Facebook algorithm.

Try to include photos or graphics often! So instead of just talking about the interesting thing that happened at the grocery store today, try to snap a photo with your phone to post alongside your story.

Find visuals that are funny or attractive, but my advice would be to not spend too much time fretting about have the perfect graphics. You can even do something as simple as using Facebook’s GIF feature to quickly search for a GIF.


Even better than photos are videos, especially live videos.

Live videos may take more effort on your part, and can be more than a little intimidating at first, but it gets easier!

Sometimes all it takes is to just force yourself to hit the “start” button, then just be yourself.

The more you do it, the more comfortable you will get with it!

Hopefully that gives you some more ideas of how to keep some good engagement in your VIP group. More engagement leads to more sales, so don’t neglect putting effort into your VIP group to get to know your customers and help your business thrive!

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