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Here’s How to Build Engagement in Your VIP Group

Once people are in your VIP group, you want to get them engaged right away.

If you get some engagement from them within the first 48 hours, Facebook is much more likely to keep showing your posts in their notifications and news feed.

The “Welcome” Post

One way to help get engagement right away is to set up a “welcome” post. This can be just an introduction post in your group in which you welcome people into the group, share a little about yourself and your journey, talk about when you go live, and have a fun GIF or other graphic.

Then whenever someone joins your group, you can tag them in a comment saying “Welcome” on that post and asking a question. You can ask things like, “What is your favorite part about summer?” or, “What is your favorite kind of ice cream?” Anything that will elicit a response.

This will encourage engagement right away and will also cause your group to keep popping up in the notifications of anyone who’s commented on the post.

Ask Questions

Beyond just the first 48 hours, you want to keep people engaged and interacting in your group.

The more likes, shares, and comments your group gets, the more likely people will see important business posts like your live sales.

One key to increasing engagement is asking questions because questions yield responses. You can ask things like:

“What’s your favorite vacation destination?”

“What sports did you play in childhood?”

“If you had to select only one streaming service, which one would you choose?”

“Is coffee best in the morning, afternoon, evening, all of the above, or never?”

Stay tuned for some more tips on building engagement in your VIP group!

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