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How to Use Your Business Page and VIP Group

Since you really shouldn’t do much business from your personal Facebook profile, you’ll want to set up a business page and VIP group as well.

Setting these up is free, and they (particularly your VIP group) can do much to help you advance your business online.

Your Business Page

Your business page is sort of the opposite of your personal page – It will be all about your business.

This will be a public page that anyone can view and access. So this is where you’ll do a lot of your selling – where you’ll be running live sales and album sales.

Your VIP Group

Actually more important than your public business page is your private VIP group.

One reason your VIP group is so important is that the reach rate is much higher than on your business page. Facebook hates business page posts and hardly shows them to anyone.

In contrast, your VIP group ideally is filled with people who actually want to hear from you – Facebook recognizes this, and will show your group posts to your customers at a higher rate than posts from your business page.

You want to get as many of your customers and prospective customers into your VIP group as possible.

When you’re going live, you’ll want to host your live videos from your business page, so that they’re public for anyone to view, and then share them to your VIP group so that Facebook will show it to more people.

So have you set up your business page and VIP group yet? If not, considering logging onto your Facebook account and setting them up today.

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