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How to Use Your Personal Facebook Profile

Facebook is such a vast platform filled with innumerable possibilities. If you haven’t gotten into it much for your business yet, you may feel overwhelmed at where to even begin.

One place to start would simply be your personal Facebook profile.

Now, you likely already have a Facebook profile. (And if you don’t, you should get one if you’re going to be doing a business like this.)

Here’s a tip about your personal profile: in many ways, you can just keep doing what you were doing with Facebook before you started your business. Don’t make it about your business.

Your personal profile is about you as a person. You are not your business.

People generally want to connect with people, not with businesses.

So your personal profile should not primarily talk about about and showcase your business. Rather, it should focus on what personal Facebook profiles usually focus on – values, experiences, family, friends, hobbies, and whatever else people might be interested in you sharing with them.

This is not primarily where you will be selling your products; it is where you connect with people.

If your personal profile is full of sales posts and pics – if all that people know about you is, “She sells jewelry” – then people will be less likely to want to connect.

So use your personal profile to let people know you. Then when you do reach out to people about business-related things – perhaps to ask them to host a party with you or ask them if they’ve ever considered being in business for themselves – they may be more open and receptive.

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