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The 3-Step Method to Growing Your Business and Making Up to 6 Figures

You may have some goals for your business, like making $500 per month, $1,000 per month, or maybe $2,000 per month.

Those are great goals!

But if you want to be really successful you can think bigger.

Although it’s likely not the norm, there’s no reason you can’t be one of the ones who makes $5,000 per month or even double that.

One of the keys to getting to that point is mindset, which we’ve talked a lot about. You won’t get there overnight but you can take small steps toward progress. And once you have the right mindset and motivational foundation, you’ll want to follow a 3-step process for succeeding in your business (the “GSR Method”):

  1. Grow your online audience
  2. Sell to that audience
  3. Reach that audience effectively

Grow your online audience

In-person selling is important and is something you should be doing. But generally speaking, it probably shouldn’t be the core of your business.

There is a much wider audience potential online. So you’ll want to grow and expand your online audience if you really want your business to succeed.

One way you’ll do this is by getting more and more people into your Facebook VIP group. Ask as many of your customers (and prospective customers) as you can to join your VIP group, and then post valuable or interesting content to keep engagement high.

Sell to your audience

Simply having an online audience won’t get you anywhere – You need to sell to them.

In this day and age a lot of this online selling happens through live sales – live videos you host on Facebook in which you show your inventory and people claim the items they like.

You can also sell online via album sales or online parties.

Reach your audience effectively

You may have an audience and you may be doing your live sales but finding that not many people show up. You need effective ways to reach your audience so that they know about your live sales.

You can’t just rely on Facebook to bring people to your videos – You want to use the other avenues available to you, such as email, Messenger, and texting.

What can you be doing today to grow, sell to, or reach your online audience?

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