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Get People Excited by Sharing Why YOU Joined

Here’s a simple recruiting tip: When trying to get people to join as a consultant, don’t make stuff up. Just talk about why YOU joined, what benefits and blessings there have been for YOU.

Why did you start selling?

Was it the price point? Was it the opportunities for discounts and free stuff? Was it the thought of working for yourself?

Maybe you joined because it was a low-pressure opportunity. It’s not like selling timeshares or other real estate – It’s not a huge investment for customers make a purchase with you. You’re not asking people to take out a loan or make a really big commitment like that.

So consultants don’t have to be awesome salespeople. The product is very inexpensive. Not only that but the buy-in is very small, and the potential payback is huge.

Your product has broad appeal for all sorts of ages and walks of life – Maybe that’s part of why you joined too.

For these reasons and more you may have started your business, and many people might be like you! They may join for the same reasons, or they may simply see your excitement and be attracted to the business because of that.

So start thinking about why you joined – what attracted you to it, what made you excited to join, what made you willing to try it out.

What blessings have you and your family experienced because of your business? What have you enjoyed about being a consultant?

Share that with others! Slowly but surely you may find your team growing, if you keep at it!

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Sam Pelton

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