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Get Recruits by Sharing What Your Business Has Done for You

Recruiting can be a huge barrier for many people wanting to advance in their business.

Although you should be able to make money just by selling (otherwise the company would not be a legitimate company), in order to move up you need to be willing to recruit a team.

But this isn’t as scary as it sounds!

We’ve discussed how one key to recruiting is simply being genuine. Branching off of that, a way to use your genuineness to attract recruits is by sharing what your business has done for you.

Now you want to be careful with this – you don’t want to go around bragging about all the money you’re making and all the things you’re able to do or stuff you get. But if you’re just sharing with mindset and tone of “you can have these benefits too” that can point out how the business has been a blessing on your life and could be on others lives as well.

Have you been able to take a vacation you wouldn’t have done otherwise? Do a home remodel? Enroll your children in some kind of extra-curricular activity?

You can post something like the following: “I’m so thankful that selling Paparazzi has given my kids the opportunity to take Karate!”

If you’ve truly been blessed by your business, then recruiting isn’t a “sales-y” thing; it’s something that’s in what you consider to be the best interests of the person you’re trying to recruit.

So what has your business done for you? What has it allowed you to do? How has it blessed you and your family?

Go ahead and share that with people!

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