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Take 5 Minutes to Do These Things Each Day

In a business, there are little things you can do (or need to do) each day to help boost your business.

We’ve recently discussed how 5 minutes of gratitude, 5 minutes of checking your goals, and 5 minutes of following up with customers daily can make a huge impact for you.

Here are a few other things you should take just 5 minutes out of each day to accomplish:

Responding to your customers’ comments and questions

You want to make sure you engage with all your customers by responding to any comments or questions they make.

If you take just 5 minutes out of your day to sit down and go through and do this, that will help make sure you don’t miss anyone (and also means you don’t have to be checking and responding to people all throughout the day if you don’t want to).

Messaging people who might be interested in hosting a party

Try to go through and think of 5 people per day who might be interested in hosting a party and shoot over a quick message.

You never know who might be interested until you ask, and you may be surprised at who you find to do parties for you!

Be sure to mention you’ll give them some free items for hosting for you!

Learning something new and implementing it right away

Spend 5 minutes a day learning something new – reading posts, getting advice from your upline, watching videos/trainings, etc.

But make sure it doesn’t just stick in your head. Implement it right away!

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