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Don’t Spend Business Time on Things that Don’t Make You Money

Do you find that you’re throwing a lot of time into business-related things but you’re not seeing much return? Maybe you’re working several hours a day but only seeing, say, $50 per month back.

It could be that you may not necessarily need to spend more time on your business, but instead you may need to re-evaluate how you spend your business time. If you’re spending time on the wrong things it won’t do much to improve and increase your business!

Is much of your business time consumed with just looking at Facebook? Figuring out what you should be doing next? Watching trainings but not really implementing them? Perfecting minute details in graphics?

It’s easy to get caught in the “time suck” trap and end up spending a lot of time getting little accomplished.

So what should you be spending time on? What will help you see a return for all the work you’re putting in?

Some things you can be doing each day include:

  • Focusing on gratitude
  • Checking your goals
  • Following up and responding to messages
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Responding to audience questions
  • Finding new leads/friends
  • Messaging people about joining
  • Messaging people about hosting parties
  • Learning and implementing something new

Your time is valuable, and limited. So you want to make sure you’re spending your business time on the things that will really help you be successful! Things that will help your business grow and help you make more money.

What are you spending your business time on? Is your time being spent on productive things? How can you make better use of your time?

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