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Have You Tried These Other (Non-Online) Ways to Hustle for More Customers?

As we’ve mentioned previously, online is most likely where you’ll find the largest customer base, since your potential audience is so vast!

But we’ve also mentioned some ways to hustle for more customers aside from doing online sales, including home parties and simply wearing your jewelry out in public and being ready to talk about it when the opportunity arises.

Here are some other non-online ways you can hustle for more customers.

  • Set up a pop-up booth in your local mall
  • Contact a local boutique and ask them about selling your jewelry (as long as this is within compliance)
  • Go in and do a party in a senior assisted living home
    • They are often looking for activities to put on for their residents!
    • The folks at these homes are typically not an intimidating audience
  • Ask about coming in and setting up a booth at a local college, perhaps near the cafeteria around lunchtime
  • Check out any flea markets nearby and see if you can get added as a vendor (or organize an event yourself!)
  • Ask if you can include your jewelry in garage sales around your town (just give the sale holder part of your commission for each sale – again, make sure you’re within compliance)
  • Host a multi-vendor event with other direct salespeople in your area – try to get together a variety of sellers and have everyone promote the event
    • This could be especially effective around Christmastime

These are just a few ideas of ways you can hustle for customers! The possibilities are almost endless. 🙂

Which ways would you like to try?

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