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How to Throw a Successful Home Party

Although lots of your selling can be done online, another way to sell is by throwing home parties.

You can throw your own home parties, or get a friend or acquaintance (or friend of a friend, or neighbor of an acquaintance etc.) to throw one for you. You can offer a free item or discount as an incentive!

When you’re doing these home parties, don’t just make it a sales pitch for your product. Make it fun like a party! An excuse for people to get together and enjoy some socializing.

Be up front that it is a sales event (so that people don’t feel tricked), but include some good food and activities.

Don’t spend too much money though! You don’t want to spend so much on the party that you don’t make any profit from it.

There are a few goals to an in-home party:

  • To get sales – You obviously want as many sales as you can get!
  • To gain VIP or repeat customers – In-home parties provide a great opportunity to gain VIP customers because you can ask them to join your VIP group right then and there.
  • To get another party booking – Make it an ultimate goal to get at least from party booking from each party, which can keep your party cycle going and become a steady source of revenue for your business.

Have lots of business cards on hand that you can provide to all the guests. Provide incentives for anyone who commits to their own party booking. Ask everyone there to add themselves to your VIP group.

Be fun, be personable. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but make it something people enjoy!

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