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Wear Your Jewelry and Conquer Your Fears!

One easy way to “advertise” is to just wear your jewelry out wherever you go.

This can bring up conversations – “Oh, I love your necklace! Where did you get it!” – which can then lead into, “I actually sell them! They’re only $5!”

Hand them your business card, offer to show them more inventory if they’re interested, and there you go!

(Make sure you have some items on hand at all times for situations like that!)

For some of you, this may involve conquering one of your biggest fears: talking to strangers.

Rather than exerting all your effort in trying to get rid of your fear, learn to act in spite of fear.

To conquer your fear, just do what scares you, even though you are afraid!

If you’re reading this about wearing your jewelry and going out and talking to people, and you’re thinking, “Nope, not going to do it – I’m afraid,” you may need a mindset check.

Unfortunately there isn’t a magic formula that will work without you making it happen. Your fear will hold your business back.

So if you’re afraid of talking to strangers, here’s something you can try: the next time you go out, make it a point to talk to ONE person you don’t know.

It doesn’t have to be about your business – It could be about anything! The weather, something you like about what they’re wearing, etc.

You know what’s a big win when it comes to conversations? Compliments!

Find something you genuinely like about that person (like what they’re wearing or their hairstyle, or if they’re an employee serving you at a bank or restaurant you could compliment their level of service, etc.).

Compliments can easily lead into a conversation, and you just might make someone’s day!

What can you do today to help conquer your fear of interacting with strangers?

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Sam Pelton