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Have You Announced Your Business Journey on Facebook?

Have you announced your business journey on your Facebook wall?

Social media is largely a blessing for consultants like yourself, because it allows you to contact a lot of people at once for free. Plus you want to share with your friends and family what you’re up to, something that’s important in your life!

So you’ll want to announce on your social media platforms to let people know about the journey you’ve entered into – You can post to Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or whatever other platforms you use.

Although you won’t be doing much business from your personal profile (or at least you shouldn’t be), here’s some content you could include in your announcement post and some follow-up posts:

  • Post a picture of yourself wearing some of your jewelry
  • Share your “why” – Why did you start this business? What do you ultimately hope to do and accomplish?
  • Go live showing yourself unpacking your first box or a subsequent box of jewelry
  • Invite people to your page, your VIP group, and your website

The more excited you seem about the products and about your journey, the more likely people will be attracted to it!

(You want to show people the fun and excitement and create hype about your business.)

What are you most looking forward to with this business? What are you excited about? What do you want your friends and family to know about it? You want to try to get your enthusiasm to rub off!

If you haven’t already, go ahead and think today about what you want to post and then do it! 🙂 No time like the present!

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