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What’s in Your Bling Bag?

In addition to always having business cards on hand, we would suggest also carrying around a “bling bag.”

This is a bag of items you have on hand at all times so that if an opportunity arises, you can seize the moment to show your jewelry and maybe win a new customer!

(This can even allow you to make a sale right there on the spot!)

Then when you’re in a situation in which it seems appropriate, such as if someone asks you about your business, you can easily lead into something like, “I have a few items on hand if you’d like to take a look!”

You can pull some of your items out of your bling bag and let people see your products first-hand and up-close.

What you put in your bling bag is entirely up to you!

You could consider putting some of your most popular items in there, or some that are your personal favorites so that you can have the most genuine enthusiasm when you’re talking about it. Or if you have extras of a particular item you could include those.

(In addition to your bling items, you could also consider including materials on hosting parties or joining as a consultant to share with people you run into who may be interested.)

Having this resource on your person can set you up to take advantage of sales opportunities that may come up for you while you’re out and about.

So do you have a “bling bag” that you carry around? If so, what do you put in it? If not, have you considered putting one together? What would you put in yours?

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Sam Pelton