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How to Get and Use Business Cards (and Why You Should)

Business cards are tickets to help grow and spread your business.

They are an easy way to spread the word about who you are and what you do without needing to go into a sales pitch every time.

They’re inexpensive and can be a valuable resource so there’s not too much of a reason not to get some!

Creating business cards

  • Don’t print them yourself – as mentioned, business cards are not expensive to order, and even if you’re a good design artist, they generally look much more professional when outsourced to a company
  • Use a site like to create and order your card (or you can use
  • Make sure to put all your links on your business card – including your Facebook VIP group, consultant site, and Facebook business page

Using business cards

  • Always have your business cards on hand
  • Hand them out everywhere – at the hairdresser, bank, restaurants, etc.
  • Anytime your business comes up in conversation, be ready to hand out a card
  • Set a goal for yourself on how many cards you will give out in a specified timeframe (“I will hand out 5 business cards per day,” etc.)

Do you have business cards? If so, are you utilizing them effectively? How can you be more proactive about handing out your business cards and setting goals for doing so?

If you don’t have a goal for your business cards yet, I would encourage you to set one today. Set an “ideal” goal (for example, “I want to get to the point at which I’m handing out 200 business cards monthly”) and then set some smaller, more attainable goals to help you build momentum and get to that point (for example, “This week I’m going to hand out 1 business card each day”).

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