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2 Essentials for Selling Online: Your Facebook Group and Consultant Site

Although you should never abandon in-person sales, online sales are where you can have a significant impact for your business.

With online sales, your potential audience is vastly larger than your potential for in-person sales. You can reach people all across the country – people you may never otherwise meet in person or have any interactions with.

But how do you sell online?

There are 2 essential tools you’ll want to take advantage of to help you get the most out of selling online: a Facebook VIP group, and your consultant site.

Your Facebook Group

Facebook is an awesome tool for businesses because it’s free. You can set up a Facebook VIP group for free and make it your goal to get as many customers and potential customers into that group as possible.

In this group you’ll post valuable, engaging, and fun content for your audience that will make them want to keep checking in.

Every once in a while you’ll post something sales-y (such as sharing your live sales), and hopefully if you’ve developed a good rapport with your audience they will pay attention to those posts during those times and will make purchases.

Your Consultant Site

Consultants all get a personally branded site.

This is a great way you can sell online!

You can share your site’s link for both selling and recruiting, thus using it to both boost your sales and help get recruits.

You’ll want to go into your back office and customize your site a bit so that it reflects a little about you!

You can utilize these 2 tools for your business as you seek to grow and make more sales.

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Sam Pelton