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Do You Accept Credit Cards?

Credit cards are a blessing and a curse!

But for people trying to run a business, credit cards can open the door of possibilities far wider.

If you’re like many people, you don’t have a lot of cash in your wallet. Many people have direct deposit paychecks and rely on debit and credit cards to handle their day-to-day transactions instead of handling cash.

So in this day and age, if you run a business and want to make the most sales, you should have a way to accept credit card payments.

As mentioned, lots of people don’t carry cash around, and even if they do, it’s limited.

They may only have enough cash on hand to buy a few things from you. But if they have the option of using a credit or debit card they may purchase a lot more!

Maybe you’re intimidated by the thought of setting up an account to accept credit cards. You may think, “It’s too expensive” or, “It will be too hard to set up.”

But it’s actually not! It is very easy to get an account set up at a site like At Square they will even send you a free card reader you can plug in to your phone or tablet!

Companies like or do take a small fee for your transactions, but the potential for a lot greater sales can easily outweigh the minor fee per sale.

If you don’t take credit cards yet, how many more sales do you think you could make if you got that option set up?

Why not get it set up today?

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Sam Pelton

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