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How to Set Up a Business Email Address

Do you have an email address for your business, or have you just been using your personal email?

A business email is very easy to set up and can add a level of professionalism to your business.

All you need to do to set up a business email through Gmail is to create a Google account here. You just fill out the form and Google will set you up an email for free.

(If you already have a personal address, that’s okay! You can add another one.) 🙂

When setting up your business email, you want it to look professional. Here are some tips:

  • If you have a name for your business, you can use that as the username
  • Otherwise if you don’t want to use your business name (or don’t have a business name), use your own name
  • Don’t use numbers as numbers in an email address can come across as unprofessional
  • Make sure to follow your company’s compliance guidelines

Here are some examples of what your email address should NOT look like:

  • [contains numbers and unprofessional wording]
  • [contains unprofessional wording]
  • [contains numbers]
  • [contains unprofessional wording]

Here are some examples of better business emails:

  • [business name]
  • [personal name with no numbers]

Creating a business email through Google is easy and free, so if you haven’t already, go ahead and do that today!

Not only does this make you look more professional, it also helps separate your personal emails from your business emails which can help you keep some balance as you’re running your business.

(Then you’ll have a single place you can have all your business emails stored for easy organization and access.)

What’s your business email address going to be?

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