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Why You Need to Set Up a Work Schedule

One of the great things about working your jewelry business is that you get to set your own hours.

Also, one of the worst things about working your jewelry business is that you get to set your own hours.

When you work a normal 8-5 job you’re required to go in and work your 40 hours. Although it doesn’t allow a lot of freedom, it does provide consistency and accountability.

If you’re doing your jewelry business on the side, it may be easy to get home from your 8-5 job and just want to relax and think, “I’ll work on my business tomorrow.”

The thing is that you’ll probably feel the same way tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

Many consultants may never grow their business simply because they don’t put any time into it.

To avoid this pitfall, you’ll want to set up a schedule and devote some time to making your business happen.

This may look different for each person – You may have to get up earlier, or stay up later.

Maybe 9-11 every evening will be your “business time.” Or maybe 6-7 each morning. Or over lunch.

Whatever works for your situation – it’s best if you can set a consistent schedule and stick to it. This can also help the balancing act of how doing your own business blends work life and home life. If your family knows what your consistent work time is, that can help avoid confusion and frustration within your family dynamic.

Do you have a work schedule for your business?

If not, what days/times work best for you to consistently work on it?

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Sam Pelton