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If You’re Looking to Get Rich Quick, You’ve Got the Wrong Idea

Some people may go into a business venture thinking it would be a great way to “get rich quick.”

They may think they can make big bucks with minimal effort. Part time work for full time pay.

The reality, however, is that success only comes through hard work and effort.

The book of Proverbs in the Bible says, “Hard work brings a profit, mere talk leads only to poverty.” This principle holds true for your jewelry business!

You can’t just talk about success and hope for success. It requires work.

At some point it may be possible to get to a point where you don’t have to work as much – this may even be your ultimate goal. But to get to that point isn’t something that happens overnight, or purely by luck.

It takes work and time and effort and persistence. It takes the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears.

It’s okay if you don’t want to pour your whole life into your business! It may be that you just want a little side hustle for a bit of extra cash. That’s totally fine!

Just know that in general you’ll only get what you put in. So if you’re only putting in a couple hours a week, you won’t see much return.

Are you putting in the effort needed to find the success you’re wanting? Or are you just coasting along hoping for success with minimal effort?

Unfortunately there’s no magic formula where if you work x number of hours you’ll make x amount of money. So you’ll have to find the balance that works for your life, your family, your goals, and your expectations.

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Sam Pelton

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