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The #1 Business Investment: Your Personal Growth

Do you invest in your business?

Investing means spending money (or time) with the expectation of achieving profit.

Every business has to invest in some shape or form – You’ve got to spend time and money in order to make money.

But what’s the most important investment you can make for your business?

It’s in your own personal growth.

What’s going to make or break your business more than other external factors is you – your effort, your knowledge, your know-how.

It’s not the business model or the company or your upline or your mentors that determine your success. It’s you!

So your best use of investment money is often to put it into your knowledge and education of how to run your business. The more you learn, the better your business can run!

Reading books and articles, taking classes, attending conferences – These are the kinds of investments that can return dividends for your business.

So are you investing in your business by investing in your personal growth?

What different kinds of trainings have you received that have helped you learn how to grow and succeed in your business?

If you haven’t been pursuing growth and training, what can you do today to take a step in that direction?

Maybe you want to commit to take a course (like James Pelton’s course on doubling jewelry sales). 🙂 Or maybe you want to attend a conference or seminar.

(Maybe you just need to search Google or YouTube for some good ideas and advice!)

Whatever the case, there’s always room for growth – You never know all that you could know! So get out and learn something! 🙂

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