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Why You Should Focus on One Thing Today

Let’s say you have your goals all laid out.

You have your long-term aim – where do you eventually want to end up? – and you have it broken up into smaller chunks like yearly, monthly, and even daily. You’re committed to that goal and are ready to go, read to take on the world!

But you find yourself being spread thin, caught up in the various day-to-day tasks.

Maybe you’re messaging someone one minute, putting an order together another, planning your live sale the next, and interacting with people in your VIP group a minute later.

You’re doing this thing and that thing, trying to multitask but not ending up doing anything really well. This could end up making you feel exhausted and discouraged.

And this is where focus comes in.

In Gary Keller’s book The ONE Thing, he discusses the idea about completely focusing all of your attention and efforts on one thing at a time.

You may feel like you’re being pulled a thousand different directions. When it comes down to it, multitasking is generally not actually efficient. An old Russian proverb says, “He who tries to catch two rabbits catches neither.”

Instead, what is the one thing you need to focus on right now to accomplish your goal? What is your “one thing” this second?

Put your energy into that thing 100% without getting distracted, without losing focus. You may be surprised at how much more efficient you can be!

What is your “one thing” you need to accomplish today? Commit to throwing yourself into that and minimizing distractions. And see how it impacts your business’s growth! 🙂

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Sam Pelton

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